Bourgogne Riviera is the reflection of a collective approach, aimed at asserting the specificities of a river territory.

From Saint-Jean-de-Losne to Seurre, this 1st national fluvial center is located in the heart of the navigable waterways of France. It presents economic, tourist and residential wealth, which make it an exceptional territory.

Our brand is ambitious, dynamic and regenerative. It aims to establish our specificity with the French, to maintain the notoriety acquired as a fluvial center of excellence internationally and to federate locally to reveal a feeling of belonging.

Welcome to Burgundy Riviera!

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The territory


The Rives de Saône open the doors to freedom for you: as a couple, with family or friends, give your life a holiday flavor. This need for fresh air and disconnection is where you can take advantage of it. And I promise, your memories in “Bourgogne Riviera” will remain engraved!

Pack découverte Bourgogne Riviera

Discovery package

The Rives de Saône open the doors to freedom for you: as a couple, with family or friends, give your life a holiday flavor.

This need for fresh air and disconnection is where you can take advantage of it. And I promise, your memories in Burgundy Riviera will remain engraved!

Sailors pack

The cradle of river tourism in France, the Bourgogne Riviera territory is a true freshwater paradise. At the crossroads of the waterways, find all the services you need for a peaceful stay

A brand that adapts to all players in the territory

The Burgundian art of living seduces the whole world… no doubt that you too will succumb! In Burgundy Riviera, find many services and local shops and enjoy a rich and dynamic community life.

Services et commerces en Bourgogne Riviera

Enjoy a multitude of services and shops

Discover all the shops, artisans, services, hotels, restaurants, health services, transport and river activities of the Burgundy Riviera.

Vie associative en Bourgogne Riviera

Take part in a dynamic community life

Discover all the associations in the area and share your centers of interest.

A brand that adapts to all players in the territory

Between Paris and Lyon, the “Bourgogne Riviera” territory brings together an exceptional entrepreneurial ecosystem around a key sector: the fluvestre (combination of river and land). You too, become an actor in our territory!

An authentic and attractive water territory

Beyond being a precious heritage, the waterways constitute a true economic lung. Epicenter of river tourist and industrial activity, the “Burgundy Riviera” is recognized for its incomparable economic fabric, as rich as it is diversified.

Pierre La Treichl

A territory of jobs and training

Thanks to the development of the river sector and the real skills needs, the “Bourgogne Riviera” territory has become a reference in the river world.

A brand that adapts to all players in the territory

The river, at the heart of our region's DNA

River Charter of the Territory, a strong commitment of local actors

The River Territory Charter is the result of significant work for a future project for the river sector. Driven by the Community of Municipalities accompanied by public and private partners, it is a strategic tool, the implementation of which takes place on the initiative of local actors and, first and foremost, local elected officials.

It aims to anchor the place of the river and its sector within the territory in order to build a shared project making the waterways and the river pole a lever for local and sustainable development. It takes the form of an ambitious and multi-thematic multi-annual action program adopted for 6 years, for which public and private financing are identified.

Download the river charter

Creation of a closed and secure car park on the port of Saint-Jean-de-Losne

Qualify the reception of visitors and pedestrianize the water station, these will be the objectives of this new closed and secure car park of the port, which will be operational at the beginning of summer 2022.

Landscaping of the surroundings of the Saint-Jean-de-Losne water station

The local authorities are uniting to promote the water station, to make it a place of welcome and privileged sharing for local residents and tourists. See you in the summer of 2022 for the end of the work!

Employment and training in the river sector: the challenge raised by the GIE Green Cut

Improving the image of the sector and its professions of passion, coordinating training and recruitment: key issues raised by this group of private professionals to perpetuate the river economy.

National experiment on watermilfoil: invasive aquatic plants

Faced with the proliferation of the plant at the Gare d’Eau, VNF is carrying out several studies there and will launch an experiment in early 2022 to try to find medium and long-term control solutions.


They are already part of it

We are constantly innovating to provide a choice of quality services to our boating customers. With Bourgogne Riviera and its network of local economic players, we share these values. Focus on our passion!

Max Gerard

Co manager chez H2O in Saint-Jean-de-Losne.

Traveling 130 km every day for 7 years to come and work in the Burgundy Riviera is a real pleasure. I have the chance to practice a job that fascinates me, in a family business!

Angelique Solomon

Assistant to the workshop manager chez H2O in Saint-Jean-de-Losne.

100% PASSION 100% DOING WELL 100% COTE D’OR, I am committed to promoting the richness of our land to visitors and residents of our territory!

Iza Guyot

Chef chez Comptoir de Pagny restaurant in Pagny-le-Château

At the heart of excellent routes, we take advantage of an exceptional setting to receive cyclists, sailors and other visitors to the Burgundy Riviera!

Catherine JOUFFROY

Owner operator chez the Residence of Rollet Island, charming guest rooms 4 ears Gîte de France in Saint-Jean-de-Losne

Come and enjoy an unusual stay on the banks of the Saône or the Burgundy Canal aboard a floating cottage or boat without a license! I am delighted to offer my guests an unforgettable experience in the Burgundy Riviera!


Responsible chez floating cottages and unusual barges in Saint-Jean-de-Losne and Seurre.

The Burgundy Riviera is a valuable center of excellence for its know-how and expertise, which contribute every day to the development of our group!

Marie Poutissou

Executive Director chez Belmond Afloat in France, in Saint-Jean-de-Losne

Offer qualifying training in collaboration with the federation of nautical industries, including periods in local river companies, a real strength in providing the skills expected in the territory for our trainees!

Thomas Berger

Trainer within the “CQP River Maintenance” training chez IFPA in Saint-Jean-de-Losne

The AQUA association sets up activities to promote river heritage, with the involvement of a large group of passionate volunteers and public partners.
The river heritage is part of the DNA of our territory. Working to keep this passion alive and passing it on to future generations is part of our mission!


association for the preservation of local river heritage.

Private marina with 80 rings afloat and 70 dry berths, we have surrounded ourselves with qualified technicians, equipped with functional workshops and suitable equipment to offer expert service and specific equipment to our sailing customers made up of yachtsmen. , fishermen and waterway professionals.

David Blanquart

Manager chez Blanquart Yachting in Saint-Usage since 1976

Passionate about sewing, this crossroads of waterways fully motivated me to launch my activity of creating and making textiles, furnishings, clothing and accessories! A know-how that I like to share with local audiences as well as more distant seafarers.


Creator and artisanal manufacturer of nautical textiles, furnishings, clothing and accessories chez Silk Seeds Workshop at Maison-Dieu

My shop being on the banks of the Saône, the Burgundy Riviera gives me the chance to have a very large clientele of cruise passengers in high season.


Florist and company manager chez Garden side in Losne


How to contribute to the process?

Using the #bourgogneriviera

A unique hashtag to share your experience of the territory and relay all its innovative actions.

By joining the network of ambassadors

Do you like your territory and want to participate in its enhancement? Become a Captain as an economic player linked to the river. Inhabitant and visitors, become a Sailor representative of the territory.

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Our tools

Logo, font, brand code, receive all the elements adapted to your strategy and your communication media.

Inhabitants, local authorities, associations, visitors, businesses in the area, let’s wear the “Bourgogne Riviera” banner. Economic actors linked to the river capital, brandish the “Saint-Jean-de-Losne” variation!

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Ecotourism Day on June 11

The town of Saint-Jean-de-Losne is organizing a family bike rally as part of the Ecotourism Festival.

Learn more


Pardon of the sailors of June 18 and 19

This solemn festival provides for many festivities: fleet of superbly decorated barges, blessing of the boats and a high mass given on one of them, nautical show.

Learn more


The River Show on April 16 and 17, 2022

Dive into the river! This annual event takes place in the heart of the “Bourgogne Riviera”, in Saint-Jean-de-Losne, the European capital of river tourism.

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